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 Help Desk System User Guide

Homeric Tours' Online Help Desk system is designed for two basic purposes.
1. To help our customers and website visitors get the information as quickly and completely as possible.
2. To help Homeric Tours agents to streamline information distribution and improve efficiency.

This guide is provided as a courtesy, the support system is designed to be self-explanatory, and user friendly. You won't likely need this guide.

For best results, we recommend you follow these steps: Surf, Search and Submit!


If you need assistance or if you have a question that we may be able to help you with, please begin by clicking HERE.

Click on any category or issue title to read more detail.

This page is a list of questions, that have already been asked, or which may contain valuable information for you. To help you find your answer, the issues have all been sorted into categories.

This is your fastest source of answers, since your question may already be in the knowledgebase, and answered in detail.

" Watch your cursor; it'll change when you're over a link.
" Once you are in the correct category of solutions, sort the issues by clicking on the up and down arrowheads.
" To see help while working in another window, use the browser toolbar.
" If you found only part of your answer, try clicking on any related issues links, below the issue answer.
" If you find an interesting issue that you'd like to read later…bookmark it. (This doesn't add the issue to your browsers' favorites list, it's stored as a cookie, which will be called in the helpdesk next time you visit.)
" Use the tell-a-friend feature to let others know about important issues.


If you didn't find your answer, you can try doing a search on our knowledgebase. (Sometimes an issue affects more than one category, so it could be somewhere else.)

To do this, click on the Knowledgebase tab at the top of the helpdesk, then on the Search link. If you want to use a wildcard, try %. More help on searching can be found by clicking on the icon near the search field, in the helpdesk itself.


If you haven't found the information that you're looking for, or if your question is very unique to you, please submit a new question. Aside from the info being online for you, emails will be sent from the helpdesk to notify you when a response has been made.

Why use a help desk instead of a phone call or email?
1. This is a semi-automated system, so depending on the category you select for you question, your ticket will be fanned out by email to all the most appropriate service representatives. You will get the fastest and most accurate response this way!

A real individual will be answering your question…but it'll be the right individual. (You don't waste time with receptionists or junior service reps that can't answer your question anyway.)

2. The help desk is available, 24/7 - ask anytime. Even if our service representatives aren't online at the time, they'll have your question at their fingertips as soon as they login. (Can't get lost in some spam filter!) Reps can answer from anywhere; so, your answer will be faster.

3. Your answers can be retrieved or re-opened by you, without the need for you to file them somewhere. (Hint: Read previous answers by clicking on the 'My Info' tab.) You may even be helping to populate the knowledgebase for others.

How to ask a question using the Help Desk:

Begin by clicking on the Ask Question tab in the top menu. You may also be shown a list of potential solutions after entering your question title.

You may be asked for a username and password; these are not case sensitive and by default must be between 6 and 25 characters in length. You will use these again later to read your answer, review your previous questions, and submit further questions. So, you should store this information for future use, and/or use the save username and password saving checkbox. (Cookies are required for this.)

Username: You may self-assign your favorite username (record it below).
Password: You may self-assign your favorite password (record it below).
Email Address: You may only have one username and password combination per email address.

Search Utility Tips:

These search tips can also be seen in the help desk itself, by clicking on the icon.

1. Type of Search
By default, the search will be for ANY words that are included in the search box. i.e. When two or more words are entered, the results will show all public issues that contain any of these words.

If you enter the string: cat dog the results would include all public issues that contain any of these words: cats, dog, Doghouse, etc.

As long as it contains one of these strings in its entirety. It will not look for the exact phrase "cat dog".

Click to the left of the text All Words, to search for an issue that contains all words, somewhere within the document. (Words do not necessarily appear together.)

Or, click to the left of the Exact Phrase text to search for an exact phrase. (All words must be contained together, as they appear in the search box, in order to be shown in your results.)
2. The search is not case sensitive.
If you enter DOG, the word dog or Dog will also be found, whether upper or lower case.

3. Using a wildcard (%):
In the field 'Search:', you may use the symbol % as a wildcard. Use it in place of a character or characters that are unknown or that may differ.

Use at Beginning: entering %at will result in finding any character strings that end in 'at', such as cat or that.

Use in Middle: Entering c%t will find any character strings that have 'c' at the beginning, and 't' and the end, but some other character or string of characters in between. Such as chat, cut, catalogue or clean mat.

Search Hints:

" If your results are too large, remove a word or two; or add a few more characters to the word(s).
" Try to search for an unusual word that you recall from the issue. Example: internal rather than in.
" Search results include HTML tags, so you may have some results that aren't visible without looking at the source code.

Note: This search is only done on issues that are made public by a Homeric Tours agent! You may not find 'your' issue here.





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